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Nisfu (1/2) Dinar - Rp. 1.032.500,-
Dinar - Rp. 2.065.000,-
Dinarayn - Rp. 4.130.000,-

Daniq (1/6) Dirham - Rp. 11.600,-
Nisfu (1/2) Dirham - Rp. 35.000,-
Dirham - Rp. 70.000,-
Dirhamayn - Rp. 140.000,-
Khamsa - Rp. 350.000,-
Cirebon, 25 Oktober 2012
The Haul of Sunan Gunung Jati Bring Back Dinar and Dirham

With the implementation of the Fard Pillar of Zakat - yesterday - under the authority of Sultan Sepuh XIV who use Silver Dirham to those who received it (mustahik) bring us into a New Nomos.

English translation: Hajj Malik Abdalhaqq

The Grand Mushala of Kesultanan Kasepuhan Cirebon is one of the many witnesses that bear witness of the return of payment of Zakat using Dinar Dirham in Cirebon. On Wednesday, Oktober 24th 2012, member of JAWARA (Jaringan Wirausahawan dan Pengguna Dinar Dirham Nusantara - Network of Traders and Users of Dinar Dirham in Nusantara) and the Al Wakil of Wakala (service institution that help people exchange their paper money to Dinar Dirham) gathered at that blessed place in their preparation for the Zakat distribution and Festival Hari Pasaran (FHP - Open Market Day Festival) as part of the activities of 499th Haul commemoration of Sunan Gunung Jati.

At the same time, the traders who are going to make their provisions during FHP were gathered to listen to the briefing from Pak Teguh of JAWARA Cirebon. At the other part of the Grand Mushala other JAWARA activists are preparing the Silver Dirham that will be used for Zakat distribution on that day.

Some managers, and member of JAWARA and some traders who are going to open their stalls enthusiastically listened to the instructions of Pak Zaenal Masduqi, the head of JAWARA Cirebon and Pak Abdarrahman, the head JAWARA Nusantara. 'To use again Dinar Dirham in paying Zakat is the fulfillment of the Command of Allah and the Sunna of His Rasul sallalahu alayhi wa sallam', explained Pak Abdarrahman.

Also present at this gathering is Pak H. Zaim Saidi, the head of Wakala Induk Nusantara. He reminded all who are present that paying Zakat with Dinar Dirham is the Sunna of Nabi, sallalahu alayhi wa sallam that is followed by Kanjeng Sunan Gunung Jati. 'You must understand that Dinar Dirham have the strongest values against any paper monies in the world', explained Pak Zaim to the press who are present at The Keraton Kasepuhan.

So yesterday, a hundred of Silver Dirham as payment of Zakat was distributed to two hundred mustahik under the name and the authority of Sultan Sepuh XIV. Every mustahik received nisfu (half) Dirham coin that they could use to buy things they needed at the FHP arena on October 27-28th or in at some JAWARA Cirebon members business shops. The distribution of Zakat in the form of Silver Dirham Perak yesterday is not the first in Cirebon. At least, Zakat has been distributed in Silver Dirham in sixth occasions, including the one occasion in 2011 where Sultan Sepuh distributed it.

May Allah open the way for Muslim in Nusantara and everywhere to implement again The Fard Pillar of Zakat and Muamalah under the authority of Ulil 'Amri as it has been pioneer by Sultan Sepuh XIV PRA Arief Natadiningrat Amin.

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